The Great River Road

Today I got to scratch another one off the bucket list: Visit a plantation in Louisiana!

In fact, we got to see two of these beautiful properties that face the Mississippi River (or the great river road). We started off at the Laura Plantation, which is a Creole Plantation built in 1805. The Creole were the French speaking people who dominated the area until America took over the colony after the Louisiana purchase. The plantation’s colors show the Caribbean influence and the Creole’s desire to be different from the English-speaking American’s who foolishly built big white houses that were just going to turn green anyways. Our tour was fascinating and told the long history of the plantation’s presidents, who were mostly women, as well as the sad truth about slavery in the south. Not only did the house survive fire and Hurricane Katrina, but it was also kept well preserved over the years,  retaining its original cyprus wood and brick structure and even most of the furniture.


Our second stop was to a much more traditional plantation called Oak Alley. It’s claim to fame is also it’s namesake, the breathtaking, 300 year old live oaks that line the path to the main house. We ended up skipping out on the house tour completely to spend more time photographing the trees and enjoying the beautiful sunshine. It was definitely a trip highlight and I could have easily stayed under those trees all day.

IMG_0361 IMG_0363 IMG_0344 IMG_0381

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