Why Travel?

To me… Travel is more than a hobby, more than a means of escape; it is a language, a passion, my joie de vivre!

I’ll never understand why people ask the question why when it comes to travel. I’ve heard it all. Why Egypt? Isn’t Colombia dangerous? What’s in Croatia?

To anyone who is thinking about asking that question, my reply is, WHY NOT?

There is a big, beautiful, immeasurably fascinating world out there and the majority of people are just sitting on the couch, binge watching TV series’. Don’t get me wrong, I love Downton Abbey as much as anyone, but we as people need to travel. Or at least, I do. Seeing the way people live in other cultures makes me RESPECT more. Seeing the beauty of foreign landscapes makes me PROTECT more. Seeing the resilience and struggle in the developing world makes me APPRECIATE more.

Traveling is more than a good time or a tick on my bucket list. This “hobby” of mine is teaching me to be a better person. I have nothing to lose and everything to gain. I will never regret the collection of memories and experiences that travel has given me.

And so I regularly push myself out of my comfort zone and into the great unknown because traveling makes me feel alive and a part of something far greater than myself.

My one-word advice to you: GO!

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