About Me

Hello. Hola. Aloha. Ciao. Bonjour. Chào.



Hi! I’m Whitney –

Ever since I was a little girl I have been o b s e s s e d with travel! I don’t even remember when it started but all I know is that it’s in my blood. My mom used to be a travel agent so I grew up knowing the lingo and pouring over my Atlas during summer break – counting the days until I could turn my dreams into reality.

Growing up in Beautiful British Columbia meant that my summer vacations were spent camping by lakes and spring break trips took me around the U.S. But, it was my first overseas trip to Italy & Greece in 2003 that sealed the deal… I was hooked!

Capri, Italy

Some Background…

I started blogging to document my month long trip to South America in May 2010. At this point in my travels I had already covered most of Western Europe as well as Egypt but it was trekking in Peru that proved to me that adventure travel was the way for me. I still enjoy “vacations” from time to time but I feel most energized when it’s just me and a backpack.

Trekking to Machu Picchu

Now what…

I’m based in Vancouver, BC, which also happens to be my favourite place in the whole wide world. But, as much as I love my city, my feet still itch to travel the rest of this beautiful planet. So… I wander abroad as much as possible, and I try to explore the hidden treasures of my home country too. My hope is that this blog inspires you to do the same. The world is waiting!



Want to know more of my travel history? Check out Where I’ve been. Want to know more about this passion of mine? Check out Why I travel.


5 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi Whitney – I can hardly believe this but my sister and I were with you on your Lares Trek in Peru. We were the two “older” Canadians and my sister became lost on the first day of our trek and then due to altitude sickness she continued the trek by horse. Upon our return to Cusco from MP she was hospitalized for 5 days. Thankfully she was just fine following this adventure. Your blog brought back so many wonderful memories and your pics…brought tears to my eyes. It was truly one of the highlights of my life. I am in the process of planing a trip to Indonesia and just ‘happened’ on your blog. It really is a small world. All the best (and thanks for the new card game!!).


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