Rediscovering Rome: 10 Years Later


It’s rare when I get the opportunity to revisit a place that I’ve been before simply because my bucket list is long enough for several lifetimes. However, I always knew that I would go back to Rome. Maybe it was my belief in the legend of the Trevi Fountain coin toss or maybe it was the fact that my memories were going dimmer with each passing year, but whatever the reason I am so glad to be here again. The gelato is just as good as I remember it but the city is far more beautiful and vibrant.

Taverna dei Quarenta

This time around I did a lot of pre-trip research that is definitely paying off. So far we have skipped the lines to the Colosseum and the Vatican, which was a godsend in the heat wave we are currently experiencing. We’ve eaten at some delicious restaurants including Taverna dei Quaranta courtesy of the blog Revealed Rome. And we’ve visited sites that I missed the first time around.

I was delighted to leisurely stroll through the Roman Forum instead of being hearded onto a bus and missing so much of the history that makes the city of Rome a living museum. We also found ourselves at the tranquil and uncrowded Garden of Oranges behind the Church of Santa Sabina, which boasts the BEST view of Rome. The dreamy twilight was the perfect setting for the end to our first day of sightseeing and I was so enthuised that I could have stayed there all night. The eternal city has found a way to make old things very new again and reinvigorated this travelista for the journey to come.


View from the Garden of Oranges

View from the Garden of Oranges

Next up: The Great Pizza Quest!