Back to California: The San Diego Obsession

Back to California: The San Diego Obsession

Contrary to popular belief… I am not moving to San Diego, as much as I may wish otherwise. After my annual pilgrimage to America’s Finest City last month, I reflected once again on why I fall more in love with California living each time I visit.


There are some very obvious advantages: Near constant sunshine, + 25 ºC weather in February, an abundance of delicious Mexican food (mmm… fish tacos!), palm trees and beaches as far as the eye can see… I could go on and on.


I love the laid back lifestyle and I love that after six visits, I am still discovering (and re-discovering) favourite places, eateries, and activities.

Balboa Park


I can’t believe that it’s taken me this long to finally explore Balboa Park. If you want to get technical, I did visit the famous San Diego Zoo back in 2009 which is located in the area of Balboa Park. But, I have never spent time touring the park itself, which is gigantic and lovely. I could have easily spent the entire day marveling at the Spanish architecture, watching street performers, and admiring the manicured gardens. I’m already itching to return.

Pacific Beach Boardwalk


There is something so lovely about returning to the same familiar spot year after year. My best friend Jennie just so happens to live in Pacific Beach, and the first thing we do every time I visit is take a walk down to the PB Boardwalk. This area is quintessential California. You’ve got surfers, roller skaters, cyclists, and everyone from retirees to families on vacation. I love the endless beach, the waves crashing on the outstretched pier, the palm tree lined sidewalks… This never gets old.

La Jolla


No trip to San Diego would be complete without brunch and a stroll along the cliffs in La Jolla. There’s always a new place to sample or an angle that I haven’t photographed yet (although that seems impossible!). There’s just something soothing and revitalizing about this seaside community that instantly relaxes me. These are the moments that I store up and savour to keep me going long after I’ve returned home.


 Do you have a favourite state?

Do you ever return to the same place again and again?




Sun, Sand, and Surf in San Diego

On the most depressing weekend of the year (statistically), I decided to take a quick trip to the beautiful west coast city of San Diego, CA to attempt to beat the winter blues. What I got was perfect weather, gorgeous vistas, and delicious food. I spent 3 days gallivanting around Pacific Beach, La Jolla, and Coronado and having a marvellous time! I even went on my first whale watching tour with San Diego Whale Watch where I saw 7 grey whales and a pod of dolphins. It was a bit chilly out on the water but it was a beautiful day and way more impressive to see these animals in their natural habitat instead of at neighbouring Sea World. I wish I could have extended my winter getaway, but I’m sure SD and I will meet again soon.

Pacific Beach Boardwalk

Pacific Beach Boardwalk

Palm Trees

La Jolla

La Jolla

IMG_2336 IMG_2339 Hotel del Coronado IMG_2350