Photo Essay: Exploring Tallinn’s Old Town

Photo Essay: Exploring Tallinn’s Old Town

There’s nothing I love more than a day trip. It’s one of my favourite ways to travel and explore. All of the adventure of visiting a new place, with none of the hassles of luggage or accommodations.

On my last Euro trip back in 2018, I was thrilled to learn that Estonia was a very reasonable three hour ferry ride away from our base in Helsinki.

The ferry ride itself was an event as the only seating we could find was in the theatre where we were “treated” to some electro polka music and the dancing skills of a few elderly couples who were clearly travelling for the express purpose of showing off their moves. We also learned that the route was popular with Finns looking to stock up on cheap booze, many with empty suitcases in tow.

Once we arrived in the capital, Tallinn, we spent the day grabbing an authentic (we assume) lunch of flaming sausages and wandering the cobblestone streets of old town. The weather cooperated almost all day allowing us to explore the best preserved medieval city in Northern Europe with relatively low crowds.

If you ever find yourself in Helsinki – a day trip to Tallinn is a must. But I’ll let the photos speak for themselves.