An Ode to Brisbane

Summer. The high point of the entire year. A magical time when the weight of winter evaporates with the smell of barbecued meat and the emergence of freckled tans.

I always feel lighter in the summer. Floating through the streets in sun dresses and flip flops. Making my best effort to live off ice cream cones and watermelon wedges.

It’s the time of year when social butterflies are in top form. Organizing camping trips, firework viewing parties, patio drinks, and late night beach walks. Summer brings everyone out of hiding.

I dream of summer. I savour the memories and store them up for the dark days of January.

But last year, I skipped summer. Not intentionally. OF COURSE! Circumstance took hold of those all-too-brief months and I sadly watched the days slip by, paralyzed to stop them.

When the leaves started to change colour and I realized that summer had passed me by…  I panicked. The stress and frustration of an uprooted and chaos-filled season had left me beaten down and tired. I wasn’t prepared for autumn, for winter, for any of it.

So instead of succumbing to the gloom, I chased summer. I traveled to the opposite corner of the globe and found exactly what my soul needed most.

In Brisbane, I found contentment.

In riverside walks with no destination.


By lounging poolside on a weekday morning.


During giggle filled hikes and quick dips in watering holes.


On top of lookouts with the sun slowing setting.


When my two favourite seasons collided like a dream.


When I couldn’t be sure if it was the exercise or the view stealing my breath.


It was in the little moments of sweet nothingness. In the camaraderie of new and old friends. In the relaxed vibe of the locals.

In a city often skipped over, I found everything I was looking for. Brisbane you brought me back to life. I will forever be grateful.



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